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Social & Emotional Intelligence


Social & Emotional Intelligence (S&EI) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict.



Why S&EI Is Needed

Rearch Shows


Top reasons for losing customers...


  • 70% are related to a lack of S+EI

(The Forum Corporation on Manufacturing and Service Companies, 2004)


  • 50% of time wasted in business is due to lack of trust, a key S+EI competency

(John O. Whitney, Director, Deming Center for Quality Management, 2002)


  • The top reasons careers are derailed are related to a lack of S+EI

(Center for Creative Leadership, 2005; Stanford University, 2001)


Top Reasons for Leadership Ineffectiveness

  • Poor interpersonal relationships 

  • Rigidity 

  • Inability to work with a team 

(Center for Creative Leadership, 2005)

Link Between S+EI and ROI

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

  • Increased market share by 24 percent

6Seconds White Paper, 2010


Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceutical Company

  • ROI = 600%  ($6 for every dollar invested in S+EI training and coaching)

Cherniss, Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, 2003


Ameriprise Financial Services

  • Financial advisors with high EQ delivered 24.7% returns over 4-year period significantly higher than the S&P (14.3% over same period)

  • Key S+EI competencies:  integrity, teamwork, self-confidence, achievement drive, initiative, and interpersonal understanding

Spencer, Emmerling & Petersen, 2005


Pepsico, S+EI programs generated

  • 10 % increase in productivity

  • 87 % decrease in turnover (saving $4M)

  • Over 1000% ROI

Dr. David McClelland, Journal of Psychological Science, 2008

SEI Workshops

“There is a growing body of research findings that scientifically demonstrates that emotional intelligence predicts how well we perform at home, school and in the workplace.”   Reuven Bar-On, Ph.D. December 16, 2004


Some researchers believe that our success in work and life is driven far more by our emotional intelligence (EQ) than by our cognitive intelligence (IQ).


And the beautiful thing? While IQ remains pretty much fixed from birth, EQ can be learned.

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