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Paul Bailey, BA, MA, CTDP, HCS


Over 30 years of leadership experience. Conducting leadership and team conferences in Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana and Canada. 


In Oct. 2013 started 3C Training Solutions with a passion for developing people by adding value to their professional and personal lives.


Primary objective - improve peoples lives by improving their work life through excellent management. 


Equipping Good Managers to Be Exceptional Leaders


Developing leaders who positively influence their workplace in order to ensure organizational success and who make employees work life better thereby making their whole life better.


 Developing Your Peoples Potential

Developing people improves your organization.
The Power of A Seed
Planting a single grain of wheat produces one stalk with 50 - 60 kernels. By the fourth season of planting all the wheat from that first kernel, averaging 55 kernels per stalk, you will gain over 9 million kernels of grain, a yeild of approx. 610lbs. That's the potential of a single seed. 
Every organization, every business, every leader and every team member possess seeds of potential in need of development. 
Where are the untapped, underdeveloped seeds of potential In your organization? On your team? Or, in you?
Never underestimate the power of a seed.

Core Values:

Development Priorities:

  • Excellence - Above average service, I will under promise and over deliver.
  • Value - All training adds value for participants both professionally and personally
  • Practical - Immediate application of at least one principle or practice in your work environment.
  • Integrity - Trustworthy, providing honest feedback and recommendations.
  • Service - Provide support and tools after the workshop to address any questions or concerns.
  • Character,

  • Competence, &

  • Care

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