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Leadership 101


Leadership is the ability to postitvely influence others to accomplish a goal.


Course Objectives


Successful completion of this course will increase your knowledge and ability to:

  • Identify key characteristics of leaders

  • Build trust and confidence with employees

  • Avoid behaviors that undermine leadership

  • Promote teamwork and esprit de corps

  • Act decisively

  • Demonstrate leadership in a crisis





Module One: Leadership Lessons 

  • Course Objectives 

  • What Is Leadership and Why Is It Important? 

  • What Can Your Favorite Teacher Teach You about Leadership? 

  • Have and Share a Vision  

  • Pursue Excellence 

  • Communicate Effectively  

  • Be Trustworthy 

  • Build Confidence in Your Employees 

  • Be Enthusiastic  

  • Serve Others  

  • Leadership Characteristics Self-Assessment  


Module Two: Behaviors That Undermine Leadership  

  • Lack of Transparency 

  • Neglect 

  • Unwillingness to Change and Innovate 

  • What Do You Do Under Stress? 


Module Three: Leadership Impact 

  • Influence Others 

  • Promote Teamwork 

  • Act Decisively 

  • Demonstrate Leadership in a Crisis 



  • Action Plan 

  • Course Review 

  • Suggested Resource List 

  • Course Evaluation 

An ideal workshop for first time supervisors, managers or as a preparation option for pre-training future potential leaders.


This workshop can be presented in a half or full-day format.


Contact to schedule a workshop or for more information

Ignoring frontline leaders development will negatively impact your bottomline.

2014 study by Bersin by Deloitte...

  • 50% of managers are ineffective

  • 60% never received any training


2014 study by The Center for Creative Leadership top 3 challenges of first time managers...

  • Adjustment to People Management/ Displaying Authority (59.3%)

  • Developing Managerial & Personal Effectiveness (46.1%) and

  • Leading Team Achievement (43.4%)


Canadian study by Deloitte released in April of 2015 top 3 priorities of managers...

  • Leadership

  • Culture and engagement

  • Learning and developmen


Leaders set the tone for an organization, and their behaviours shape and nurture the organizational culture. 

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