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Organizational Culture


Organizational culture is not part of the game, it is the game.


Organizational Culture Development


Culture development is designed by...

  • Corporate Vision: Clear Picture of where the Organization is Headed

  • Shared Values: Key Principles that Are Installed Wall-to-Wall, Ceiling-to-Floor

  • Beliefs: Core Beliefs that Bind the Constituents together

  • Assumptions: Conclusions Formed by Members Basedon Perception and Precedent

  • Past Experiences: How Things Have Been Handled in the Past

  • Learning: Formal and Informal

  • Leadership: From the Top and from the Bottom

  • Communication: How Information is Shared, and Problems Solved


"A culture left unattended rarely results in the culture you'd  hoped for. Such cultures are often scattered, negative, chaotic and unhealthy." Jane Matthew's

Definition - Organizational Culture


"The taken-for granted values, underlying assumptions, expectations, and definitions that characterize organizations and their members. It is usually identified by the statement, "Thats the way things are around here." 

Failure to change culture makes other change initiatives futile and frustrating.


Approaches to organizational improvement...

   1. Total Quality Management,

   2. Downsizing, and

   3. Redesigning Processes & Procedures


A study of 1742 companies in the USA and Europe - 85% reported little or no imporvement from their efforts. The primary reason, changes were not intergrated with a change to organizational culture.


Ensuring a strong and healthy culture is the primary responsibility of leaders and managers. Managers must commit to personal change or the organizational culture remains obstinate.

Culture Change Steps & Tools

9 Step Culture Change Process


1. Reach Consensus regarding the Present Culture

2. Reach Consensus on the Perferred Future Culture

3. Determine What the Changes Will and Will Not Mean

4. Identify Stories Illustrating the Desired Future



5. Identify a Strategic Action Agenda

6. Identify Immediate Small Wins

7. Identify Leadership Implications

8. Identify Metrics, Measures and Milestones to Maintain       Accountability

9. Identify a Communication Strategy

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Organizational Culture Tools

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