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Critical Conversations


It's not always what you say that matters, but how you say it. 


This comprehensive communication skills program / workshop helps individuals and teams to develop effective and positive communication skills at work. 


Constructive criticism is an art, a form of coaching – an essential aspect of communication that, if handled right, can lead to excellence and strong relationships. 

Workshop presentation formats:


A Half a Day Training Workshop


To provide participants with overview of the key issues involved in critical conversations and the common skills needs (Section I) plus skills in a selected number of situations out of the ten presented here. (Perhaps three or four situations.)


A Full Day Workshop – or Two Half Day Workshop


A full day, or two half day sessions, will be needed to deliver Section I plus perhaps six to seven situations out of the ten provided here.


A Day and a Half – or Three Half Day Sessions


In this time frame, you will be able to deliver all ten situations, in a somewhat fast pace.


Two Day Workshop or Four Half Day Sessions


This is what you will need for an indepth understanding with enough time for activities, exercises, and discussions.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:


A - Learn the ten principles of compelling communication that apply to all encounters.


B- Apply these principles, with various specific techniques, to the following ten specific critical conversations at work.


  1. Build Trust

  2. Create Collaboration

  3. Give Effective Praise

  4. Deliver Criticism without Creating Conflict

  5. Conduct and Participate in Effective Performance Review

  6. Conduct an Effective Interview

  7. Ask Effective Questions

  8. Make an Effective Apology

  9. Argue without Offending

  10. Communicate to Resolve Conflict


Considerations  to follow to deliver effective, constructive criticism:


  • Don’t do it while upset.

  • Don’t delay too long.

  • Review your assumptions before talking. 

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