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Super Manager


Managers influence employees’ satisfaction at work, for better or worse. 


Be The Boss Everyone Wants To Work For

44% of employees said that their individual supervisor was the most important factor in increasing employee engagement.



Half-day Workshop Outline:






Module 1: The Qualities of a Super Manager 

  • Unproductive Managerial Tendencies

  • What Makes a Super Manager Super?


Module 2: Self-Awareness and Attentiveness to Others

  • Self-Awareness

  • Attentiveness to Others

  • Rewards and Recognition


Module 3: Consistency and Flexibility

  • The Importance of Consistency

  • Mental Flexibility


Module 4: Humility and Confidence

  • Characteristics and Benefits of Humility

  • Humility in Action

  • Displaying Confidence


Module 5: Focus and Fun

  • Maintaining Focus and Achieving Result

  • Chronic Underperfomers

  • Encouraging a Fun Working Environment



Action Plan

Test Your Knowledge



Suggested Resources

Most reasons employees leave their jobs point to their bosses:

  • 39% said their supervisors didn’t keep their promises.

  • 37% said their supervisors failed to give credit when due.

  • 31% said their supervisors gave them the “silent treatment.”

  • 27% said their supervisors made negative comments about them to others.

  • 23% said their supervisors blamed others to cover up their own mistakes or embarrassment.


Workshop Objectives:


Successful completion of this course will increase your ability to:

  • Develop self-awareness regarding your managerial skills and display attentiveness to your employees.

  • Demonstrate consistency in your values, attitude, and behavior.

  • Identify when and how to appropriately exercise mental flexibility.

  • Display humility and confidence in your decisions as a manager and show confidence in your employees.

  • Ensure that employees maintain focus.

  • Encourage employee satisfaction and motivation by creating a fun working environment. 

The bottom line:


Managers influence employees’ satisfaction at work, for better or worse. This program will help you become a super manager— someone who everyone wants to work for.

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