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Competent Manager Series

80% of people in management positions are not prepared to be there. (Gallup research 2016)
50% of first time managers fail within the first 18 months. 


Why? Because the same skills that got you the position won’t keep you there.


Whats the solution? Competent managers. Developing competment managers requires an intentional long-term strategy.

Competent managers are the key to… 

  • Improving engagement and performance,

  • Reducing turnover, conflict, and stress,

  • Creating healthy workplace cultures and relationships, and

  • Increasing employee workplace satisfaction.


Why management competence matters…

  • 90% of managers think staff leave because of money.

  • 75% of employees leave because of a bad relationship with their direct manager or supervisor.

  • 73% of workplace conflict is due to poor leadership.

  • 86% of employees stay because they very often feel happy at work.

  • Over 60% of performance deficiencies result from relationship problems not from problems in individuals.

  • 18% of Canadians say work pressure causes them the most stress 

  • 85% of Canadians feel that the work environment is increasingly stressful

  • 70% of all changes attempted in organizations fail


Managers influence employees’ satisfaction at work, for better or worse.

Managers are the most important factor in an employees work life satisfaction.

Competent Manager Series


The CMS is focused on developing key competencies and skills critical to management success.

Individual workshops include…

(Other topics can be presented upon request)

Managers are the key to a great workplace.


In great workplaces, employees trust the people they work for, take pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with.

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